Grand of Distinction

Grand of Distinction - what is that?

Grand of Distinction (GCD or GPD) is a brand new CFA title which hopefully encourages exhibitors to enter their cats into the shows for several show seasons.

Any cat that achieves 30 or more top 10/top 15 finals per season in three separate seasons shall be eligible to claim the “Grand of Distinction” title (abbreviated GCD or GPD). At least 20 of these finals in each season must be in Allbreed rings. These finals may be achieved in either championship or premiership class, or a combination, in each season. The “of distinction” suffix will be added to the title corresponding to the class in which the cat competed in the third season with 30 finals. Cats who have achieved this title will still compete in the regular Grand Champion/Grand Premier classes.

This award may be claimed by filing the appropriate form with Central Office, and paying a fee as set by the Board of Directors (currently fee is $15). Show seasons prior to 2011-2012 may not be considered in claims for this title.