CFA Iams Ambassador Program

The CFA-Iams Ambassador Program is seeking enthusiastic participants interested in participating in meeting and greeting the visitors to our CFA shows. The program has the aim and vision of introducing cat show visitors to the wonderful world of the cat fancy and to CFA. The mission of these Ambassadors is to put visitors at ease, offering them a friendly, easily identifiable source capable of answering questions, explaining the bewildering workings of the show and the world of pedigreed cats. These individuals will represent CFA to the public, explaining the philosophy of our fancy in its many aspects, the curious, unique qualities of the breeds and the ethics that are the mainstay for responsible breeders and exhibitors.

We welcome your participation and comments! Please fill out this brief questionnaire as soon as possible! When your are added into the program, you will receive a special badge, a cage topper, and a CFA Ambassador Handbook which will clearly outline CFA’s philosophy and will furnish answers and “official” guidelines for the most commonly heard show visitor questions.