Temporary Registration Number (TRN)

The TRN Cat Class is an upgraded class from Novice and allows you to participate in CFA-licensed shows and compete for a Grand, Regional or National title.

  • Present a copy of a four (4) generation certified pedigree from another Association (or if a particular breed has a less-than-4-or a no pedigree requirement, the owner can present the appropriate paperwork required for a particular breed).
  • Complete a CFA TRN Application Form for registration.
  • The owner submits a non-refundable fifteen dollar ($15) processing fee with the CFA TRN Application Form, which will be applied towards the current registration via pedigree fee.

You can purchase a TRN number in one of the following ways:

  • Notify the entry clerk when you enter a CFA-licensed show.
  • Request a TRN prior to the start of the show.
  • Submit all registration papers and via pedigree fee to CFA Central Office prior to the show.

How do I change my cat from TRN Cat Class to Registration via Pedigree?

Your $15 non-refundable TRN processing fee is applied towards the standard registration via pedigree fee and your TRN is valid for sixty (60) days. You must begin the registration via pedigree process during that time frame in order to continue showing with CFA.

A 4 generation pedigree is approved by CFA for TRN. Via pedigree registration is done based on the registration rules for each breed and requirements vary based on the breed from a no pedigree requirement to an 8 generation pedigree requirement. If additional generations are not fulfilling the breed requirements, the registration via pedigree is not possible.

How do I receive points that my cat has earned as a TRN?

If the cat’s registration is approved at that time registration via pedigree, Central Office will assign a permanent CFA registration number to the cat and transfer all banked points received with the TRN to the cat’s permanent record.

The transfer of points will include qualifying rings towards Champion and Premier title and earned grand points towards Grand Champion/Grand Premier title if processed within the three (3) year time period that the TRN was purchased. You will need to submit a Championship/Premiership claim form and $15 fee to have the CH/PR title awarded.

Points towards National/Regional/Division winner titles are valid only within a 60 day time period from when the TRN was purchased.

If the four (4) generation pedigree is unacceptable based on registration rules, CFA Central Office will rescind the cat’s TRN and notify you that the cat cannot compete in CFA. No points will be banked for your cat.

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