Grand of Distinction

Grand of Distinction - what is that?

Grand of Distinction (GCD or GPD) is a brand new CFA title which hopefully encourages exhibitors to enter their cats into the shows for several show seasons.

Novice Rules Changes – How Does It Work?

At the May and June Board meetings, several rule changes were implemented concerning novices. These are cats registered in other associations but not in CFA. Rather than go over each show rule, I’m going to discuss how the new rules are implemented. First, there are now two kinds of “novices” – those who want to earn points and titles in CFA and those who just want to see what a CFA show is like.

CFA Region 9 - Europe is in Facebook

CFA Region 9 - Europe has own pages in Facebook now.
Region's FB can be found from address:

Guest Judging

Guidelines for Guest Judges officiating at CFA Cat Shows

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